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M.M.Z. Marco Manzini

M.M.Z. Marco Manzini continues on the successful path set by last season’s collection. This spring and summer, M.M.Z. Marco Manzini presents a cool, casual collection for the no-nonsense man, featuring high-quality items with a multitude of details and attractive branding. Comfort is a top priority in this collection.

The roughness of the harbours in traditional Italian coastal towns, where toughness is combined with tradition, roughness with luxury, and straightforward materials with comfort, serves as a rich source of inspiration for M.M.Z. Marco Manzini.

This season, we are also seeking the warmth of extended family life. What can be better than walking in nature or outside dining in a colorfull garden? A beautiful color palette transports us to a sunny spring and an energetic summer. The colors for spring and summer 2024 are beautiful summer pastels i.c.w. naturals and blues.